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our mission

We are believers in Words. We know that reading a simple phrase can spark emotion. We are here to help you say what's on your heart. Whether it's by giving a meaningful gift in times of both joy & sorrow, having a sweet reminder on your wall to make you smile every day, or celebrate life's biggest moments & events. 

Our designs are timeless, neutral, and rustic, with a farmhouse feel. Wood is our canvas. Each grain tells a different story, much like our art. Our hand crafted signs are completely made to order & put together by us, from start to finish. We do not mass produce and we think there is something special about our process. Much like the uniqueness of each customer, each product is a one of a kind piece of art. It could never be produced the same because each detail is completely hand painted.

Our mission is to provide a quality product that shines light in your life & encourage your heart.

how we got here

Our love story began in 2008 as "just friends" while working at the Mellow Mushroom in Clemson, South Carolina. Our friendship grew and turned into a beautiful & crazy love story. We got married in 2012. With a small budget and a big Pinterest board, we decided to use our own hands and create what we could for our wedding. We made table numbers, meaningful scripture signs, welcome signs, directionals, chandeliers, planter boxes, card boxes, you name it...we made it.

The only problem was, after the wedding our house was filled with random signs that said "welcome to our wedding" and "please seat yourself" (among many others). What will we do with this stuff?

At the time, I was working full-time with no plans to start a side business, but definite plans to get rid of the excess wedding stuff. On a whim, I opened an Etsy shop and within just two weeks, things were selling. At first the shop had about ten items, and I had no intentions of growing. In my mind it was a "one and done" deal. But God had other plans.

Nearly all of our decor had sold, and customers started to message me asking if I could make more, and if I could do custom work. It took me by complete shock, but I said, "yes, of course! I would love to help!"

Within 6 months of opening our shop, signs were being ordered left & right and I was unable to keep up with my full-time job as well as my painting side-gig. This was when my signs became my full-time job. 

In 2014 our first baby boy came into this world and just two weeks later, the company my husband was working for notified us that they were shutting their doors and he would be out a job, effective immediately. He joined my team and has taken on several responsibilities along the way. Again, not our plan, but there is nothing sweeter than having no choice but to rely on The One who ALWAYS provides.


Photos on this page  by  Melissa griffin photography

Photos on this page by Melissa griffin photography

where we are now

Our small shop has turned into a lifeline for our family. This shop is our way of providing a roof over our heads, putting food on the table and clothes on the backs of our little guys. We SO appreciate you. Without YOU we would not be doing this. So thank you. Thank you for loving us and for blessing us with your encouraging messages and emails. Thank you for helping us provide for our little {growing} family. As our shop continues to grow, we want you to know that we love creating beautiful things for you. You are important to us. Know that customer service is number one on our list of "to do's". We hope to be that friend that you enjoy coming back to visit over, and over again.