2018 Small Shop Gift Guide


Gift giving is my love language. It’s something I spend (maybe a little too much) time thinking about. Since I love supporting small businesses and I truly feel those are the most personal and well received gifts, I’m always trying to purchase from local and online small shops for gifts.

It was so hard to narrow it down, but here is a round up of JUST A FEW of my favorite shops to find one of a kind gifts that are sure to be a huge hit.

One of the most well received gifts I’ve ever given has been a custom handwriting sign by my friend Ali at Ali Wood Creations. We got my mother in law a small wood sign with my father in law’s handwriting hand cut. To say giving this gift was emotional would be an understatement! If you are looking to find something meaningful and personal, go check out Ali’s work.

White Cotton Crafts creates beautiful jewelry and accessories by using recycled oyster shells. I have been eyeing up their oyster shell nativity scenes for years. This year they have ornaments that are so adorable!

texture design co.  flower box calendar

texture design co. flower box calendar

My best friend, Emily, owner at Texture Design Co., has some of my favorite gifts around. I love gifting her Calendars for Christmas every year. Each month features a hand illustrated Charleston flower box and the best part, you can turn it into framable art! She also has some super cute gift packages she is putting together this year. You’ll definitely want to check them out!

This year I am really loving Noonday Collection. I love the mission behind this company and the light it shines in some tough places throughout the world. Not to mention, the accessories are a true work of art! I browsed this year’s gift guide and could find something for every single person on my list. Including myself. ;)

Staying on the jewelry train, some of my two favorite shops are Minimalist Magnolia and January Jewelry. I love how the jewelry is minimalistic and dainty, yet can still make a statement. You are able to find personalized gifts for that special lady in your life. Some idea’s for the mama’s would be a dainty necklace with their child’s first initial, or a set of small stacking rings with their little one’s birth stones.

The personalized gifts have been big this year. It’s really a great win for anyone! In our shop, the last name signs as well as the custom trays are always well received. Personalized doormats are always a fun touch. I have ordered a few things from Fox & Clover Boutique and they’re great!

I’ve been loving The Painted Press jewelry dishes. They are gorgeously hand molded and hand painted AND you are able to personalize them. These are so practical and a perfect gift for any friend, sister, or mama.

We can’t forget about the kiddos! In the car today my four year old said, “I love Christmas because it’s all about celebrating Jesus and His birthday. But I really love presents, too.” ;) I’m not sure I’ve ever met a four year old who doesn’t enjoy opening a present. We try to be really intentional about gift giving with our kids. We want them to truly appreciate what they are getting. I might put a little too much thought into it, but I will say, my oldest still plays with the things he got for every Christmas in his four years of life.

It’s a little tougher to find budget friendly small shops for the kids, but some of my favorite kid gifts are the ones where they can be creative and use their imagination. Superhero capes are a great option, and there are tons on Etsy! (not just for boys!) A few of my favorite shops are Love Lane & Little Hero Capes. If you are looking for great quality wood toys, check out Little Sappling Toys!

Another great way to support small business while checking off your little one’s list is to shop at local toy stores. I know, I know, Amazon is SO much easier! But if you could just get maybe one or two things from that local toy store in your town, you’ll be supporting a real life family. One purchase will make a big difference, I promise.

By supporting small businesses, you are putting food in little bellies. You are helping keep a roof over a family. You are helping a little girl take dance classes or a little boy play soccer. You are helping a student pay for their education. You are supporting a dream. I can promise that each of the shops listed put all of their heart into what they create, and you would make a huge difference in their life by giving their item as a gift this year.


Happy shopping!