Valentine's Day Freebies

For many (including myself) Valentine's day is seen as a hallmark holiday. I have never really been one to make a big deal over Valentine's day, but now with kiddos, things are a bit different.

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This is our first year of preschool for our (almost) four year old, which means ALL the holiday parties. He will be exchanging Valentine's with friend's at school next week and I got to thinking about the most budget friendly way to go about celebrating, but still be fun. I searched the stores for cute Valentine's and while they aren't super expensive, there were just a few things I wasn't thrilled with.

First of all, I you have to buy a huge pack. My son only has 12 kids in his class so I don't want to be wasteful and throw out 20 valentines, ya know? Also, these things are likely going to end up in the trash anyway. I'm pretty sure these four year olds aren't going to be saving them for their scrapbooks. So essentially I would just be throwing money in the trash. No thanks?

Second, I wasn't a huge fan of the messages on some of them. I wanted something cute and original that would be a good way to celebrate friendship, not necessarily modern day sentiments.

One thing I do really love about Valentine's day is that it is a great opportunity to remind those around you that they are loved and treasured. It's a great chance for little ones to celebrate friendship and the joy that having friends brings to our life. It's a chance to spread and share the love of God! I'm definitely a fan of this.

In efforts to save money & customize to make the cards more about friendship, I decided to make our own. And guess what? I want to share them with you...for free! So, if you're like me and on a budget, but wanting cute little cards for your kiddos class, you've come to the right place. They're basic. They're cute. They're sweet. They are ALL about friendship. And best of all, they're original.


For my son's party we'll be using the lantern print (of course) and attaching a glow stick to the back for a non-candy option. They read "your friendship lights up my life". Unless he changes his mind and decides the to go with the paper airplane...

Some other non-candy ideas are bubbles, stickers, little mini play dough packs, Valentine's day pencils, little rubber duckies, or crazy straws. All of these items could be found in packs at the dollar store or at Hobby Lobby for super reasonable prices. From a family who doesn't (and can't) eat candy because of dietary restrictions, we always appreciate the non-food fun stuff! But there is also nothing wrong with taping a lollipop on the back if that's your thing! :)  

Simply fill out the form below & I will send you a free PDF for some Valentine's Day printable cards! All you'll need is a piece of card stock and a printer! I PROMISE not to save your email address. I will just send the goodies and be done. :) I am a real person who also hates junk email.

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